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Rightback Collections serves labels and artists for the worldwide administration of their collectively managed neighboring rights.

We chose to represent a limited number of clients to offer a unique and dedicated range of services and to remain available to them.

We develop and use innovative technologies of tracking and data management and rely on trust and collaboration-based relationships with the Collecting Management Organisations.

Neighbouring Rights

Rightback Collections administers neighbouring rights for leading labels and performers.

We register their repertoires, collect, and audit neighbouring rights remuneration from more than 60 Collective Management Organisations in more than 45 countries.

These rights compensate for various uses of music and video clips including TV radio, clubs and shops broadcast, webcasting, streaming, simulcasting, private copying.



We generate on behalf of labels the statements of royalties owed to the various participants to the recordings owned by our clients (performers, artistic directors, co-producers etc.).

Our mission consists in analyzing and processing the different sources of royalties: streaming, downloading, sales of physical products, merchandising, synchs… in order to issue statements that are both detailed and easily legible.


With Alice, Amos, Clara, Clémence, Grégoire, Hugo and Léonard, we are a team of 7 professionals with a passion for music and split into 2 departments: artists’ neighboring rights (Artist) and labels’ neighboring rights and royalties (Label).

Do not hesitate to contact us at the addresses below.

Rightback Collections & BACK OFFICE COLLECTIONS

132 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis 75010 Paris Ph: +33 (0)6 63 92 16 17